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Nowadays The discount Louis Vuitton Slippers London 's title is nearly symbolic of designer. His current collaboration with fine ladies shoes line, Del Toro, may come as no real surprise. Theophilus partnered with Del Toro to create a signature limited form of slip-ons. The luxury Louis Vuitton mens slippers include a rose crest embroidery around the front, stars quietly, and also the Louis Vuitton RS initials around the back. Sometimes celebs endorse items that do not fit their image however this cheap Louis Vuitton Slippers partnership is ideal for Theophilus. He 's been spotted previously in similar veLouis Vuitton et slip-ons. Together with Theophilus, emcees like Kanye and B.I.G Sean happen to be spotted in veLouis Vuitton et slip-ons previously. Can you rock them?

Louis Vuitton ladies shoes appears to be in-store expansion spree. The posh designer is opening footwear salon around the eighth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue this September. The exclusive shoe salon, similar to other Louis Vuitton shops, is going to be run by the company itself.Alexandre Vauthier 's fall 2013 showing at Paris couture week was filled with the aspects of couture, but things I loved relating to this collection would be that the youthful designer maintained his signature saucy style together with wearable pieces. The gathering was full of the popular peplum trend, pant suit separates, deep Louis Vuitton 's and very high slits.

Models like Sui He, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, and Jasmine Tookes were fitted in neutral colored gold rimmed clutches and gold, nude, and whitened sharp assigned foot Louboutin heels and boots. Peplums were paired perfectly with unforgiving plunging cleavage lines, high hemlines, and thin pants.Vauthier also added their own twist to pantsuits and jumpsuits. These pieces are daring but could be rocked by fahsionista available! I absolutely loved Louis Vuitton Slippers outlet each bit of the collection, and that 's rare - specifically for a couture show.